The Omnibus

The most robust of all the compositions in the estate, boasting three floors of living spaces connected by stairs internally (with option of elevator), with multiple living spaces and large bedrooms all with walk in closets and conveniences, the Omnibus town home is much sought after in line with luxury living.

The master bedroom boasts multiple living rooms and an open balconies big enough to hold a private social gatherings. Parking has been designed to hold 5 cars with the possibility to acommodate an extra 3 if need be. All rooms boast large towering high windows for ample lighting and ventilation. This indeed is refined modern living.

Ground Floor

  • Living and dining room.
  • Wet and dry kitchens.
  • En-suite service quarters.
  • Storage/Pantry room.
  • Staircase and elevator access.
  • Foyer and entrance porch.
  • Parking 4 cars


  • Living room with balcony.
  • Three bedrooms.
  • Box room.
  • Staircase and elevator access.


  • Two master bedrooms with walk-in closets.
  • Cinema room.
  • Private living room.
  • Large terrace balcony.
  • Staircase and elevator access

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