Do you want to rent an apartment from a THE REAL ESTATES COMPANIES ? Or would you like to buy a house in the city? If yes, click on  property-status for-rent .  Ayeye & Co is one of the REAL ESTATES COMPANIES  you should also consider doing business with.

The company has been around for a while, and they are well-known to have very nice properties. click  for more information  http://all-agents

In fact,

Popular companies like Access Bank Plc, First Bank of Nigeria Plc, and Heritage Bank Plc, are customers of Ayeye & Co.

Visit https://kwikmoves.com/properties/

It is further worthwhile stating that the company does other things like —

  • (i)    Facility management;
  • (ii)  Asset valuation;
  • (iii) Feasibility & viability appraisal.



Boing Luxury Estates is another company I’ll confidently recommend to anyone interested in a real estate company in Abuja.

Having done business with them on several occasions, I’m also confident you won’t be disappointed.



For anyone who is interested in buying a house in Abuja, without stress, Asmabell Group Limited is one of the real estate companies you can try out.

The company is relatively young, but it has an excellent reputation.

I know of many people who have used the service of Asmabell Group Limited, so I’m really sure about the company being a great one.

And for those who wonder if the company also rents out apartments to people, the answer is no. Asmabell Group Limited strictly sells properties in Abuja.




This company has been operating in Nigeria for many years. Jide Taiwo founded the company in 1980. Although it is over 40 years old, this company offers the best services in real estate.

Its services are offered to consumers, businesses, and institutions. Marine, rail, and aviation firms also utilize their services. There is no doubt it’s among the top real estate companies in Abuja.


Adron Homes and Properties Limited can help you realize your dream house if you are a luxury addict. Seeing the design, layout, and layout of the site, as well as the serene environment, is a sight to behold.

According to their achievements, they are striving to be the world’s leading pan-African property development company providing quality, affordable, accessible, comfortable, and accessible housing. Truly, Adron Homes deserves a top spot among real estate companies in Abuja.

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